Infiniti shows us what winning looks like with Red Bull F1 mockup

To say that Red Bull has found success in Formula One would be a gross understatement. The energy drink concern bought its way into the pinnacle of motorsports and, after several seasons of building up the team that started life as Stewart Grand Prix and then became Jaguar Racing, has already secured itself both championship titles and is well on its way to repeating the feat.

That's the kind of success that Infiniti – whose sister company Renault provides Red Bull's engines – is keen to tap into. And tap into it they have, prominently sponsoring the team, recruiting its top driver Sebastian Vettel as brand ambassador and unveiling a special edition FX crossover here in Frankfurt. And just beside it sat this mockup of the current RB7 grand prix car.

Though it surely doesn't pack all the mechanical bits of the car with which Vettel and his wingman Mark Webber are winning race after race, you wouldn't know it from looking at the machine up close. See for yourself in our high-resolution gallery of live images.

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