Video: Vera Farmiga Speaks Of Getting Conned On The Lemon Market

Gone In Sixty Seconds

Ever been conned on the car lot? Don't despair: So has "Up in the Air" actress (and, ahem, hair enthusiast) Vera Farmiga.

"My first car was a lemon," she said at a Cinema Society screening of "La Dolce Vita," which was recently restored by Martin Scorcese's Film Foundation.

Before her Hollywood break, Farmiga had to be scrappy to earn her used Honda Accord.

"I worked the whole summer as an air condition earn $4,000 to buy my first car in 1992."

Yet things weren't what they seemed. She thought the car had 96,000 miles, which was O.K. because she had confidence the car would go forever.

But the dealer had pulled a fast one.

"When I finally got the title, which is after I paid him. I realized it was 96,000 in 1987," she said. "So there was some discrepancy."

She brought the dealer to court. Frustration got the better of Varmiga in her own courtroom drama.

"I couldn't hold it together in small claims court," she said. "I was too emotional and lost the case. Horrible. Drove it straight to the dump."

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