Forget kicking tires, VW dealer shows off GTI durability with enthusiasm

Larry Roesch Volkswagen puts a GTI through its paces – Click above to watch video after the jump

Buying a used vehicle can be a scary experience. You just never know what kind of abuse the car has been subjected to by the hands of a previous owner, which is why plenty of people knowingly take the depreciation hit and buy new. After all, what kind of harm can a vehicle endure from the time it leaves the production facility until you sign on the dotted line? Quite a bit, according to the video after the jump. One very overzealous Volkswagen dealer set about taking to the YouTubes to demonstrate the sturdiness of his wares.

An innocent GTI was subjected to a few full-force door slams. That's cringe-worthy enough in our book, but the wayward salesman wasn't quite done. He then proceeded to use the full force of his body weight to jump up and down on the open driver's door. While we appreciate a dealer's desire to prove how well the vehicles he sells are built, we wouldn't want that done to our own cars... and we'd hate to see what these guys do to the vehicles when the camera isn't rolling.

Hit the jump to see the mayhem for yourself. Thanks for the tip, Mateusz!

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