Drymer e-trike coming next summer

If you think gas prices are steep in the States, you might want to reconsider renting a car and driving across the Netherlands this summer. Fuel prices in the European nation are topping out around $9 a gallon and are set to head skyward this summer, likely cresting $11 a gallon or more. However, a new(ish) bike from Drymer could be the answer for a large swath of the population.

Drymer B.V. almost went under earlier this year (for the second, or possibly third time, depending on who you believe), but the firm was quickly snatched up by WITEC and its e-trikes are set to hit the market sometime next summer.

The three-wheeler packs a 250-watt motor and can hit a top speed of around 15 mph, with the peddle-assist system allowing the driver to extend the range and increase battery life. Like other trikes, the Drymer can lean into corners and is also available with a canopy, and there's a good chance that the local government will provide incentives to potential owners. A good thing, since the last time we heard about pricing, the Drymer commanded a steep $8,000 for the privilege of going car-free.

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