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Solowheel minimizes the Segway, still not cool [Video]

Envy of Woz and his mode of transportation? Good... We have news for mall cops strutting their stuff around shopping centers everywhere. A new kid is coming to town and there might not be room for the two of them. Inventist, a company known for pushing the limits of physics and sanity with their products, have just – according to the firm – reinvented the wheel by introducing a self-balancing electric unicycle called the Solowheel.

Externally, the Solowheel takes on a minimalist approach with just a single wheel and two foldable foot platforms. Internernally, however, there are dozens of gyro sensors, a 1000-watt motor and rechargeable battery. Steering and acceleration is accomplished by leaning and shifting the rider's weight forward and backwards, along with left and right movements. The highly efficient battery takes a note out of the Toyota Prius' book by employing a recharging feature as you brake or go downhill. Battery life is around the two hour mark and charging times come in around 45 minutes.

[Source: Inventist via CoolHunting]

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