Ralph Gilles and D'Ann Rauh with the final Dodge Viper – Click above for high-res gallery

According to The Detroit News, most of the rumors we've been hearing about the next Dodge Viper aren't true. The meanest of the Dodge models won't be riding on a modified Alfa Romeo or Ferrari platform when it bows anew in 2012 as a 2013 model. The Pentastar has said while there may be some similarities to the 8C Competizione, the Viper will make use of entirely unique underpinnings and will carry significantly different proportions compared to the Italians. Part of that means doing away with the snake's iconic long hood in favor of a design with a little more balance.

What's more, Dodge head Ralph Giles tells the Detroit daily that the Mopar supercar won't utilize a Ferrari engine for its power, though he stopped short of saying whether or not the old 640 horsepower V10 will survive the vehicle's rebirth. That means that a new lump may surface, though the number of cylinders and how much horsepower it will produce remain a mystery. Thanks for the tip, Prhime.

  • July 1
  • July 1

[Source: The Detroit News]

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