Cars have earned hero status in a wide variety of TV and film roles through the years. It's rare, however, that the main ride is a van (notable exceptions include B.A.'s van in the A-Team and the Scooby-Doo kids' Mystery Machine.) Artist Brandon Ortwein prefers to imagine a different entertainment history as he asks the important question, "Would it have been cooler as a van?"
Ortwein answers that question through his artwork at his website and online store, Cooler as a Van, where you can buy prints of some of entertainment's most famous cars, only re-imagined as vans! Everything ranging from the Wagon Queen Family Truckster, to Thomas the Tank Engine, to Doc's DeLorean, and even Pee-Wee's bike undergo the transformation.

Head on over to Brandon Ortwein's store for a closer look at his vision of a van-filled world. We're particularly fond of the Gran Van Torino.

[Source: Cooler as a Van]

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