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Since the Bugatti Veyron costs a shiek's ransom, you'd think it's loaded with all of the latest technology. For the most part, it is. One area in which it falls short, however, is visibility.

You see, there is no big honkin' screen in the Veyron's dash to display what its backup camera sees. Instead, Bugatti went slummin' for its camera system and uses one of those tiny screens embedded in the rear view mirror, the same kind of tech more plebian automakers offer when you order a backup camera without checking the box for a navigation system.

Though incorporating a big screen would surely have hurt the Veyron's interior aesthetics, it might've prevented this absolutely idiotic move that resulted in a million-dollar auto backing into a Toyota Corolla on its way out for a test drive on the streets of Chicago. The driver, further demonstrating he has no business behind the wheel, then proceeds to pull forward and scrape the bumper on the sidewalk. The world's shortest test drive in the world's fastest car reportedly cost the man some $30,000, which is nothing compared to the size of the bruise on his ego. If you want to prove that your skills can take you farther than eight feet in a Veyron, the car is still for sale by Chicago's Bentley Gold Coast dealer. Watch the shaky bystander handy cam video after the jump.

[Source: YouTube via Jameslist]

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