Racing and random sponsorships go together like corn dogs and beer, but even so, we're amazed by some of the partnerships that the marketing gurus of the world cook up. Allow us to introduce you the newest fragrance from Avon: Turn 4XT. The new cologne is being promoted by none other than NASCAR wonder Carl Edwards, and Avon says that the scent is packed full of manly traits like strength, determination, dedication and real bits of panther.
Fine, that last part's not true.

If you know someone who's itching to smell like a winning NASCAR driver, you're in luck. Turn 4XT hits the shelves next month. Hit the jump for the full press release, but be warned: the term "exude" is used with maximum seriousness.

[Source: Avon]

Avon Taps NASCAR Driver Carl Edwards as the Face of Turn 4XT -- a New Signature Fragrance
Avon transforms champion driver Carl Edwards' need for speed into an exhilarating scent for men

NEW YORK, Oct. 19 -- NASCAR driver Carl Edwards will serve as the face of the Avon's latest fragrance, Turn 4XT, debuting November 2010. Evoking the casual yet confident attitude the champion driver exudes, Turn 4XT is a masculine scent that embodies the rush that comes with risking it all for the win. When approaching Turn 4, the final curve on the track leading to the finish line, Edwards exudes strength, determination and dedication, three qualities that Avon values highly as a company and for their alliances.

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