Ex-Top Gear employee cashing in on Stig-gate, selling autographed helmet

The Stig drama continues from the land of Top Gear. Former employee Sophia Vaizey was a production coordinator on the popular television show for 18 months. When she left, she was presented with a helmet worn by the Stig from 2002 to 2005, signed by Richard Hammond, members of the production crew and The Stig, himself.
Now that the frenzy surrounding Top Gear's former wheelman has reached a fever pitch, Mrs. Vaizey is looking to cash in on her parting gift. Her family points out to her, perhaps quite wisely, that the helmet will likely be worth far less in 10 years than it is right now. Thus, she is bringing the iconic white brain bucket to market – Stig's helmet is heading to Gorringes Auctioneers on October 20th.

We wouldn't be surprised if Jeremy Clarkson had some choice words for Sophia Vaizey. He recently laid into the Stig for following the money and Mrs. Vaizey appears to be going the same route. The helmet may have been a gift, but it's her gift and she has every right to make some money off of it. However, if that helmet were placed on our shelf, it would stay there...

...Unless the offer was really high.

[Source: Telegraph.co.uk]

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