Dodge Charger police pursuit vehicle revealed – Click above to watch the video after the jump

This all seems a bit backwards. Chrysler has yet to release the official details and images about the 2011 Dodge Charger, but we already have the skinny on the Charger Pursuit, Dodge's work-ready police car set to hit the streets in just a few months. And while only one official image of the Charger cop car has been revealed, a new video gives us a walk-around of Chrysler's latest pursuit vehicle.

Recorded at what appears to be some sort of police fleet convention, this poorly-lit amateur video gives us a nearly complete view of what the 2011 Charger's exterior will look like when gussied up for police duty. Furthermore, it shows off the new lines of the Charger sedan, including that Challenger-inspired rear end.

Can't wait for Chrysler to unload a high-res image gallery of 2011 Charger photos? Feed your impatience by watching the video after the jump. Hat tips to Edgardo and Dave W!

[Source: YouTube]

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