Shelby Supercars 2011 Ultimate Aero teaser – Click above to enlarge

Nobody is disputing that Shelby Supercar's Ultimate Aero is fast. In fact, it may very well be the fastest production car in the world, though Bugatti is sure to raise an eyebrow to that notion. In any case, no matter how aerodynamic it may be, the Ultimate Aero is also ultimately ugly. And we mean really unattractive in an I-drew-this-at-recess sort of way.

Hopefully, that ugly truth is soon to be jettisoned via some well-deserved Jason Castriota love. That's the news that's been floating around the interwebs over the last few months, and the resulting car was apparently shown to a small, private party over the course of the festivities in Monterey.

Now SSC is teasing its next supercar for a September debut. All we get to see for now is an up-close shot of what appears to possibly be part of the front fascia, though we can't really be sure. We wish we could tell you more, but at least we can all rest easy with the knowledge that it couldn't hardly be any worse, right? Here's hoping it's much, much better.

[Source: Shelby Supercars]

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