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Despite radically different approaches, Shelby SuperCars and Bugatti have been playing a high-speed game of one-upmanship for years. First the Veyron took the prize with a 253.8 mph top speed run in 2005. SSC stepped in and bested that two years later with the Ultimate Aero TT. And just recently, Bugatti threw down the gauntlet once again with its 267.8-mph Veyron Super Sport.

Don't think for one minute though that the Veyron SS will go unchallenged for long. The two-three year spread between Bugatti/Shelby bouts may lead us to believe that the Veyron will hold the crown for at least the next few years, but according to reports, SSC isn't prepared to wait that long.

Our compatriots over at Jalopnik quote sources that SSC has a new supercar in the works that could debut this summer. Congratulating their French rivals, the American firm will reportedly take on the Bugatti benchmark with a new Jason Castriota-designed package. Whether they can squeeze out an extra dozen miles remains to be seen, but we'll enjoy watching them try.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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