Bentley Dynamo Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Skeptics, naysayers and pessimists, you can go ahead and skip this post. It's not for you. The rest of you out there, let's take a moment to imagine a world in which Bentley had remained as dedicated to its quest for speed as it was in the late '20s. What would have happened if the company now known more for how many hides it can cram into a cabin than its Le Mans-besting racers had stuck to creating truly innovative automobiles? What if Bentley suddenly decided its heritage was worth more than a badge on the hood and some fancy luggage?

Chances are, the luxury coupe world would be a much more interesting place, populated by the likes of the Bentley Dynamo Concept. Marc Senger decided to sketch out what a modern interpretation of the automaker's infamous 1929 4 1/2-liter racer would look like. We've got to say, we're completely smitten. The car hits plenty of the right notes – open wheel, massive 4.3-liter blown four-cylinder engine and Continental GT haunches just for good measure. What's not to love? The concept even uses a double-hinged hood. You can check out the rest of Senger's work on his Flickr page.

[Source: Flickr]

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