The Chevrolet Cobalt is old and tired, and in a few months, it'll be replaced by the vastly superior Chevy Cruze. While the Cobalt may (deservedly) have an inferiority complex, Chevy's generic sedan has one feather in its cap that the Cruze may never earn: the Cobalt has officially served as a (very) mobile delivery room.

Amanda McBride, Minnesotan and Chevy Cobalt driver, was in labor and driving to the hospital when it became apparent that her baby had an entirely different timetable in mind. Amanda wasn't going to make it to the hospital. So, did she pull over and give birth on the roadside? Well, no. Instead, McBride told the baby's father, who can't drive due to a medical condition, to grab the wheel. She quickly pulled down her pants and gave birth right there. In the driver's seat. According to McBride, the baby "just slid out." We're pretty certain that this is distracted driving at its zenith.

Anyhow, Chevy's pretty excited about all the free Cobalt publicity for McBride, and to extend the news cycle make things a bit easier for the new mom, General Motors is springing for a year's worth of diapers, a stroller, child seats and unspecified quantities of toys and clothing. See? Driving a Cobalt apparently does have its advantages.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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