Now that the grave is being filled with dirt for Hummer, everyone previously associated with the former environmental bad boy brand is lining up new gigs. After learning yesterday that AM General, manufacturer of the original military-spec Humvee and civilian H1, will be doing final assembly for the Ford Transit Connect Electric, we have just learned the fate of another member of Team Hummer.

Nick Richards was the communications manager for Hummer over the last several years. The disappearance of his old assignment has left him free to work on the opposite end of the General Motors product spectrum. Nick has now joined the Chevrolet Volt communications team to help push the ER-EV message in the final months leading up to Job 1 in November.

One question that remains unresolved is the fate of former Cadillac general manager Jim Taylor who was made CEO of Hummer last year while GM was trying to find a buyer for the brand. Perhaps Tesla or Aptera is looking for a new CEO?

[Source: General Motors]

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