The minds at Inside Line have taken it upon themselves to ponder the improbable by sketching up a few renderings of a Hyundai Sonata Convertible. We should be clear and point out that no one from Hyundai has said word one about dropping two doors and the roof off of the company's sharp new sedan. Still, the Inside Line crew makes a good case for having the Korean shed its top.
Their logic? The market is noticeably bereft of a well-priced drop-head with functional rear seats. Former heavy hitters like the Chrysler Sebring, Toyota Solara and even the Pontiac G6 are either dead or dying, and that's created a void that's gone unfilled. Clipping the roof off of the already well-styled Sonata certainly wouldn't hurt the design in anyway, especially if Hyundai stuck with a power soft top instead of a heavy retractable hard-top version.

There's no doubt that the automaker could pull it off if so motivated, but we have to wonder whether it would be worth Hyundai's time. Be sure to hop over to Inside line to see the full renderings.

[Source: Inside Line]

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