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Of all the products in the Audi arsenal, we're not sure if the RS6 would be our track rat of choice. It's twin-turbocharged V10, massive meats and grippy all-wheel drive system is surely the stuff of track-day dreams, but we've always been more enamored by the RS6's brutal, road-going civility – it's simply better suited to high-speed cross-country runs rather than full-on tarmac attacks. MTM appears to disagree.

The German tuner of all things Audi has put the sedan variant under the knife to create the RS6 Clubsport, and as with everything from MTM, it's a compellingly comprehensive package.

The mods start with a new front lip, carbon fiber rear diffuser, an adjustable suspension and black 21-inch wheels shod in Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires. Inside, the factory thrones have been nixed in favor of a duo of carbon fiber Recaro buckets with six-point harness attached to a rear-mounted roll cage that's sure to have displaced the rear seats.

Engine upgrades are limited to a high-flow air filter and stainless steel exhaust, but with the help of MTM's crack ECU tuners, they've been able to boost output of the turbo'd 5.0-liter V10 to 720 horsepower (at 6,360 rpm) and and 579 pound-feet of torque (between 2,750 and 6,280 rpm) – a sizable increase over the stock engine's 571 hp and 479 lb-ft of twist. And if you option up the tires to one of the four available compounds (and why wouldn't you?), a derestricted top speed of 211 mph can be yours. We think we'll take ours in five-door form, sans the cage. Maybe in brown...

[Source: MTM via LeBlogAuto]

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