The good people at Inside Line seem to think Scion has an itch to go topless. The site names a handful of unnamed sources that say Toyota's youth-bent brand is looking for an easy way to inject some life into its lineup – something that could be easily accomplished by cutting the roof off of the newly unveiled tC coupe. The car just received its first significant redesign in six years, and as such, IL seems to think the time is ripe to add a convertible model to the mix.
The site makes a compelling case for the move, including the fact that there are very few affordable drop heads on the market right now. Throw in the fact that Toyota just sent its one and only convertible, the Solara, packing for good, and it seems to make sense.

We have to wonder exactly how many freshly-minted college grads would snap up a convertible tC, though. After all, Scion is easily as popular with the AARP crowd as it is with the younger set, thanks largely to the brand's vehicles that are bigger on function than they are on style. We're looking at you, xB. Would a convertible help to drop the brand's demographic by a few generations? Maybe so, but considering we haven't heard word one from Toyota on this front, we'll have to leave this one in the rumormill pile a little longer.

[Source: Inside Line]

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