The MiniMoto SX kicks off in Las Vegas on the 6th of May and both Quantya USA and Zero Motorcycles will be representin'. This time, the race won't be merely a battle between the two brands but rather a contest that pits the old gas-powered paradigm against the new electric drivetrains in an open format that organizers have dubbed the "Energy Crisiscross" (ECX). The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) event will see ten electrics – five bikes from Zero Motorcycles and five from Quantya USA – along with ten four-stroke gas machines competing in qualifying with the top riders heading to the Friday night final.

While we don't know yet who will be piloting the battery-powered bikes, the aptly-named Scott "The Burner" Burnworth will be playing the part of the old-school champion. Astride a BBR-tuned 16-inch Honda CRF150F, he will be defending his title and can't be taken lightly in a contest that could easily be determined by rider skills rather than fuel choice. We won't make any checkered-flag predictions ourselves, but do take heart from a certain video (waiting for you after the break) featuring a scrappy performance from an early Quantya Track taking on a field of Husqvarna 510s. Whatever the outcome at the finish line, we feel the ECX is a win for electric bikes and look forward to seeing more inclusive match-ups in the future.

[Source: Zero Motorcycles / Quantya USA / MiniMoto SX]

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