A Turkish singer just set a land speed record, making him the fastest man on the planet when his Ferrari F430 averaged 182 miles per hour during a record run down a runway at an airport in eastern Turkey. Now, if 182 mph doesn't sound fast enough to set a world land speed record, know that the driver was blind... and alone in the car. Metin Senturk became the fastest blind man driving solo with his Guinness-verified speed of 292.89 kilometers per hour (182 mph).

Senturk was followed down the runway by his driving coach, former rally driver Volkan Isik, who relayed instructions to Senturk via radio. The driver is a pop singer in Turkey who has been blind since the age of three. He said that the record run, "was really hard, like a dance with death." When Senturk emerged from his borrowed car, he was told by the Guinness people that he had bested the old record of 284 kph, held by a British bank manager.

In case you were wondering, this unaccompanied record is about 20 mph slower than the record set by Hein Wagner of South Africa, who had his coach riding shotgun when he drove a Mercedes-Benz SL65 Black Series to a tick over 200 mph last October.

[Source: Reuters via NBC Sports]

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