Kia wins Nielsen's top auto ad award – Click above to watch the video after the break

Those painfully trendy hamsters and their brand-new Kia Soul managed to nab Nielson's Most Effective Automotive Ad Award. Of all the car ads out there, the 2.5 million TV viewers polled by Nielsen remembered the most about the clever spot from Kia. And why not? The adorable anthropomorphic animals and good tunes featured in the ad manage to make a solid impression. It beat out Cadillac's commercial featuring Kate Walsh and an ad for the Chevrolet Silverado starring Howie Long.

Nielsen's been handing out the awards at the New York Auto Show for four years now. Last year, Ford took top honors with a commercial that featured real-life women test-driving the Ford Focus for the first time. Hit the jump to see Kia's winning rodents.

[Source: Nielsen]

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