Reports like this make us glad the Autoblog Podcast is audio-only. A new survey of British television viewers finds that the UK wants more smartly-dressed personalities and pundits. 1,000 people were asked their thoughts about fashion on the telly, and two-thirds of the Top Gear crew received the dubious honor of being called the scruffiest presenters on televsion. James May and Jeremy Clarkson apparently need to head to Carnaby Street and ditch the open collars and jeans.

Richard Hammond didn't get away unscathed, either. He was voted the fifth worst dressed. Most of the people polled want their presenters to wear ties, and nearly half think jeans should be out, too. The personalities deemed the best-dressed were Sir Trevor McDonald, a long-serving veteran, and the wise and dapper Bruce Forsyth. Taking this report to heart, we'll be speaking with our tailors directly.

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