Pininfarina is celebrating its own 80th birthday, as well as Alfa Romeo's 100th, by unveiling a new concept at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. The Pininfarina Spider show car is, naturally, a two-seat roadster based on Alfa Romeo mechanicals. It's intended to pay tribute to the longstanding relationship the design house has had with the Italian automaker throughout their histories.

This would appear to be the first of the three concepts that Inside Line reported Alfa had commissioned for the show.
All Pininfarina has revealed of the Spider so far is the sketch you see here, but signs clearly point to "Sexy." The car, in the metal, rolls into the limelight on March 2nd. We'll be there with cameras in hand and "Mrs. Robinson" playing in our heads. Thanks for the heads-up, Ziga!

[Source: Pininfarina]

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