Emissions tests are often part of the registration renewal ritual for many car owners. Some appreciate being able to breathe deeply, others see it as a de facto tax, while still another group of automotive unfortunates have cars that won't pass without much expensive work. Whether for purely financial reasons, or a chafing anti-authoritarianism, some drivers elect to circumvent the system.
Federal indictments have been handed down to 10 Nevada emissions testers for falsifying emissions tests. The ten testers allegedly accepted cash stipends for "clean scanning" a car. Normally during a Nevada emissions test, vehicles are plugged in via their OBD-II port and the Vehicle Identification Number is entered into a computer. The computer then scans the car's on-board system and passes or fails the automobile. "Clean scanning" is a deception whereby a different vehicle, one that will pass, is connected to the computer, and the VIN of a failing car is entered. More than 1,000 vehicles are believed to have been falsely passed this way by the indicted.

Fooling around with the federal Environmental Protection Agency has these 10 individuals facing up to two years of incarceration and maximum fines of $250,000 per person. Is it mere coincidence that this high-stakes game of palm greasing happened in Vegas?

[Source: U.S. Department of Justice | Image: ]

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