Season 14 of Top Gear is nearly finished, and some fans are singing "The Thrill is Gone" where before the tune had been "You Are the Sunshine of My Life." The creators have heard the complaints and producer Andy Wilman doesn't disagree that something is different this time around.

While Wilman's not in league with Internet whiners lamenting about how the show feels overly scripted, he does acknowledge the complaints while stating unequivocally "it doesn't necessarily mean we're going to do anything about them." The overly-scripted feel isn't on-purpose, says Wilman, and while he does acknowledge that things have changed, there have been flashes of the simple formula that's gotten TG to its current stature of greatness. The refusal to submit to any Internet pressure isn't arrogance, says Wilman, "we're not wedding DJs taking requests."

If you don't like everything, Wilman posits, then the creators of what many call the best car show ever haven't stopped trying. It may not all work all the time, but they're not going to give up trying things, right up to the end. When does it end? It's been rumored that this is the final season. Of course, it was rumored that Season 13 was the end, too. "This incarnation of Top Gear is nearer the end than the beginning," says the producer, but clearly the team isn't ready to hang it up just yet.


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