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For many Formula One teams, work on next year's car starts halfway through a running season. So by the time Toyota announced it would not be back for next season, it had already completed its design for 2010. Now that it won't be needing the car, however, the Japanese automaker's scuttled racing team is reportedly putting the design up for sale.

So who would be interested in buying the would-be Toyota TF110? None of the established teams, most of which are probably just as advanced in their design process for next year. After running Red Bull designs every year so far, Toro Rosso will be required to field its own car next season for the first time, but the process is reportedly well under way. Sauber apparenlty didn't stop work on its car even when BMW pulled out and they lost their slot for next season, which could work to their advantage if they get the nod to take Toyota's spot.

Fortunately for the Japanese automaker looking to recuperate some of its losses, they chose the right time to quit as there are a slew of new teams joining the grid for next season. And while Lotus and Campos have already contracted engineering firms to design their chassis – Aerolab and Dallara, respectively – either USF1 or Manor could jump at the opportunity. But they might not have to jump too high, as reports also indicate that the rejected Lola entry also already had a car ready to go, which could also be on the market.

[Source: F1-Live]

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