Rumored Sonata-based coupe is a fiction, says Hyundai

2010 KDM Hyundai Sonata – Click above for high-res image gallery

Talk (and at least one Photoshopped image) of a possible two-door based on Hyundai's Sonata had Autoblog HQ abuzz – for a while, anyway. We never actually believed it was real, but that didn't stop us from dreaming about another choice in the coupe market - a car that would slot neatly between Nissan's Altima couple and Honda's Accord. We checked with one of our favorite Hyundai insiders, who replied back that any talk of a Sonata coupe is sending us down the wrong path.

All is not lost in the spice patch of Hyundai's garden, however. There's the Genesis Coupe, but if your tastes are for a front-driver, you'll have a short wait until the Veloster hits stores. While the rear-wheel drive Genesis Coupe is able to mix it up like a pony car, the Veloster has been described as "a little car you can take out and wring its neck and still get good mileage" according to Hyundai of America CEO John Krafcik. If we had to pick between a two-door Sonata or a neo-Honda CRX dubbed Veloster, we'd make the same choice that Hyundai has, especially since the coming four-door sedan is rakish enough.


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