As you all must have noticed by now, Autoblog 4.0 is here. It's the fourth revision of the site since it launched in July 2004 and offers more features for finding the content you want without compromising the flow of posts you need to get through the day.

Since this project was like stuffing a supercharged V8 where a turbo four-cylinder once resided, there are bound to be issues with the site for the some people, and we're working hard to correct them as quickly as possible. As for the commenting system that didn't get attention this time around, we have people hard at work developing a new system that will debut in the near future.

In the meantime, the short fix that corrects most issues is performing a hard refresh of your browser. Simply hold down your Shift key and click Refresh on your browser to reset the site. If that doesn't do the trick, send us a note at and explain your issue, let us know what browser and version you're using, and include a screen shot of the issue if possible. You can also take a tour of all the new features by clicking here. Thanks for the great response so far, and we've got more big news coming next week!

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