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Mercedes' new folding bike was first announced in early June, but the manufacturer has now revealed a few new tidbits about what some might consider the perfect commuter vehicle. Annointed with the magic three-pointed star, Mercedes defines this folding bike as "the most compact, sustainable and lightweight urban runabout yet." The two-wheeler sports an exclusive folding mechanism that allows it to measure only 80 x 80 x 35 cm (about 31 x 31 x14 inches) when all folded up - which will easily fit into most car trunks. Since the press release (found after the jump) comes from the UK, it speaks about the benefits of using this particular Benz in London to avoid the £8 Congestion Charge. If that's where you use it, according to Mercedes, this bike will pay for itself in six months. Why that long? At £1,099, this bike isn't cheap. Wondering if they're alone? BMW has also its own range of bicycles.

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The new Mercedes-Benz Folding Bike – perfectly proportioned for urban commuting

Mercedes-Benz UK has just taken delivery of its most compact, sustainable and lightweight urban runabout yet – the Mercedes-Benz Folding Bike. Available now from all Mercedes-Benz Retailers in "Silver Arrows" silver or cool icy white, it's an intelligent way to get about town when you choose not to drive.

Featuring eight-speed sequential 'clutchless' transmission, powerful disc brakes all-round and fully independent front and rear suspension, the new Folding Bike is as well-specified as its passenger car siblings.

The Folding Bike is perfect for the urban commuter, or the non-driver who has always hankered after something bearing the three-pointed star. And unlike any other Mercedes-Benz, it can easily be parked on a crowded train, in a studio flat, domestic hallway or car boot.

The bike's unique, patented folding mechanism is easy to operate and takes just a few seconds, and there are two different folded positions ensuring maximum convenience. The Shuttle position folds the seat post onto the frame, allowing the bike to be pushed and steered – ideal for easy manoeuvring when negotiating crowded train stations.

When in the completely folded down position, the Mercedes-Benz Folding Bike requires very little storage space, measuring just 80x80x35 cm. These dimensions make the bike ideal for storing in a car, especially for those who want to park out of town and cycle in, avoiding congestion charges. In fact, taking London's £8 daily congestion charge into account, the Folding Bike effectively pays for itself in under six months – and extra fitness is an added complimentary bonus.

The folding aluminium frame has a suspension travel of 40 mm at the front and rear, which is adjustable for ride comfort. The bike also features: An adjustable gel saddle; ergonomic hand grips; tough Continental tyres with reflective side walls; a slick 'semi-auto' Shimano sequential-shift eight-speed derailleur for perfect pedalling cadence; folding pedals (reducing the folded width, and protecting shins); and two powerful disc brakes to ensure a high level of safety. Added to that is a side stand, sprung-flick bell, a protective fabric cover bag – and a luggage rack for everyday practicality. Security is provided by a standard-fit push bolt, which locks the front disc (and therefore wheel) in place.

The Mercedes-Benz Folding Bike is available from all Mercedes-Benz Retailers, is available in Silver or White and costs £1,099.

Other bikes available in the new 2009 Mercedes-Benz Bike Collection include the Mountainbike All Mountain Limited 2009, the Limited Racing Bike 2009, the Fitnessbike 2009 and the Trekkingbike 2009 along with a range of clothing specifically tailored for cycling.

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