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You want a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro? You'd better come strong with more money than the MSRP requires, and you'd better be willing to wait. Bloomberg is reporting that General Motors can't build the reborn bow tie pony car fast enough to quench public demand. That's excellent news for a company that needs a reason to smile, and it could be even better for dealers donning the bow tie. After all, car sales are still firmly in the tank, and GM has seen more than its fair share of shrunken demand.

Dealers have already booked about 25,000 orders for the Camaro, yet only half have been delivered to date. Analysts reportedly told Bloomberg that dealers are getting $500 over sticker on average, too, and at least one dealer is guessing that he won't have a Camaro to sell in stock for at least a year. Bartow Chevrolet in Florida sold its first two Camaros at MSRP, and he's already booked 18 orders.

There is no question that the Camaro has grabbed the attention of the car-buying public, and the debut of Transformers 2 will likely give the pony car another marketing shot in the arm. GM sold 5,463 copies of the Camaro in May, and we're guessing that number will grow as production ramps up.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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