With gas prices on the rise again, those of who still have jobs to commute to might well be looking for a way to save some money. Given the often limited mass transit options in the United States, car pooling is often an excellent option. However, finding people to car pool with can be problematic as can sharing costs fairly.
That's where CarBuddy.com comes into play. When you sign up with CarBuddy, you enter information about your start and end points and whether you prefer to ride, drive or both. CarBuddy matches you up with ride partners that you can select from.

Participants also provide information about the car being driven and CarBuddy calculates fair costs for the trip being taken. The costs are updated weekly and based on more than fuel prices. CarBuddy also factors in wear and tear and depreciation on the car being driven. Based on distance traveled, a cost is calculated for each participant and passengers are charged each week and drivers reimbursed. CarBuddy takes 8 percent off the top of the transaction to pay for its services. Users can cancel at anytime or even switch car pool partners if they want.

[Source: CarBuddy.com]

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