Dude, where's my car? UK artist creates invisible Skoda Felicia

Sara Watson's invisible car art – Click above for gallery of images

When the separate disciplines of art and autos intersect, some wicked cool things can happen. Case in point is this Skoda Felicia, which 22-year-old artist Sara Watson (she's a dead ringer for a healthy, human Lindsay Lohan) has spray painted to blend in with the parking lot and front of her studio. The Felicia, itself a pretty invisible car to begin with, magically disappears when viewed from just the right angle like the bridge that Indy took a leap of faith to cross in The Last Crusade or those chalk drawings done on the street by Julian Beever. The beat up car was donated to Watson by Recycling Lives, because there's no better way to demonstrate recycling than to spray paint something invisible and watch people bang into it, and it took the young artist three weeks of her life to complete. Time well spent, we say.

[Source: Telegraph.co.uk]

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