Our reaction would be markedly different after getting busted for 5 mph over. Rather than excoriate the revenue enhancement agent for harassing a man of the people, Warren, MI mayor Jim Fouts was worried that the verbal warning he initially received might be viewed as favoritism by some.
Amidst chatter of questionable sanity, the mayor rang up the police department later in the day, at which point he reportedly demanded to receive a citation. Police obliged the $100 ticket, which Fouts promptly paid by dispatching a staffer to make the cash drop.

The mayor may have rightly assumed that some might view a warning as lopsided justice, but it's not like he was street racing his Dodge Charger. The gesture is clearly garnering good publicity (which cynically, could have been the objective as well). Further, we have to wonder if all the ceremony and special trips by staffers of both the police and the mayor's own office ended up costing more than the $100 he put back into the revenue pot.

At least it wasn't a red-light ticketbot.

[Soure: WXYZ, Photo: Washington Times]

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