Chevrolet Captiva with Swarovski crystals - Click above for a gallery

Attacking a car with Swarovski crystals is starting to push the needle into the red on the Gauche-O-Meter during these days of bleak economic forecasts. Not only that, it comes off looking like someone's got a serious addiction to the Bedazzler – cheap and tacky – regardless of how dear the faceted gemstones were. Crystallizing is just the ticket when you're looking to generate conversation at an auto show, though, so Chevrolet asked the folks at Bling My Thing to descend on a Chevrolet Captiva with hundreds of tweezer-wielding lackeys and help the shiny bits get their vulgar on.

The Captiva is basically our Saturn Vue in slightly different form, and for the Bangkok Auto Show, the vehicle and its refractive customization generated plenty of enthusiasm. Bling My Thing will do this for you, dear customer, for a reportedly affordable sum. The Blinged Captiva is a showcase for the personalization available to customers of Bling My Thing, and it cost about $21,000 extra for all the fancy costume jewelery. Wonder what happens the first time you hit a carwash...

[Source: BlingMyThing via BornRich]

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