In the past, when "blue shift" came up in conversations, it was usually a reference to the shortening of an object's wavelength as it moved towards you due to the Doppler effect. These discussions often led to eyes glazing and mouths yawning. No more. If the ambitions of the BlueShift Motorcycle Company are realized, the term may well become synonymous with the blur associated with a certain electric motorbike as it takes advantage of its 200 lb ft of torque. Yes, 200. If you're not sure whether that's a lot, consider that the awesome Mission One gets by with half of that while the EV-0 RR gets a little closer at 170.

Not much else is known about the Michigan company or their future product besides the torque figure. Their website was just updated from a simple static page to one with this teasing bit of info and a drawing of a very interesting looking bike. We have been in touch but can only say that they plan on having the BlueShift bike for sale next year and it will include some tech and features never before implemented on a motorcycle regardless of its source of power. We expect more details to drop soon and we'll inform you when they do.

[Source: BlueShift Motorcycle Company]

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