Next F1 champ to be decided by race wins, not points

The current points system in Formula One racing rewards 10 points to the driver who comes in first place, 9 to second place and 8 to third. The system was expanded in 2002 to offer points up to 8th place, which was intended to loosen Michael Schumacher's vice-like grip on winning at the time. With Schumi gone, the points system has come under fire for rewarding consistent driving over outright winning. Take last year's champ, Lewis Hamilton. He won five races and otherwise drove well enough in the races he didn't win to earn more points than Ferrari's Felipe Massa, who won six races total.

The governing body of Formula One, the FIA, has just announced that the 2009 season will feature a new scoring system for the drivers championship based solely on wins. You win the most races, you win the championship. Massa probably wishes the FIA had changed the scoring system a season earlier, but the new one will likely result in more exciting racing as drivers are forced to throw strategy out the window and go for the gold. The old scoring system will still be used, however, in case there's a tie that needs broken. Thanks for the tip, John!

[Source: ESPN | Photo by MAURICIO LIMA/AFP/Getty]

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