People who were hoping to get a diesel-powered light duty truck in the next few years are now pretty much out of luck. In a disappointing but thoroughly unsurprising move, General Motors has confirmed that its highly anticipated 4.5-liter Duramax diesel is on indefinite hold. Employees at GM's Tonawanda, NY engine plant that had been scheduled to build the engine have been informed that the new engine has been shelved. GM Powertrain spokeswoman Susan Garavaglia told Mike Levine at that, "It's not canceled. Should the situation change, we're still very interested in adding this technology to our product portfolio."

Given GM's dire financial situation, it's not shocking that the company decided to forgo spending the money on the tooling. The move comes in the wake of similar cancelations by Toyota and Ford in the past several months. The sole light duty diesel hold-out remains Chrysler. Unfortunately, Levine was told by Chrysler VP Frank Klegon that even its new Cummins diesel would not appear before 2011.


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