The Nissan EV team may have been spending some time in Sweden. The automaker is thinking out loud about an EV charging network that takes into consideration where people actually stop their cars. The planned network for America may therefore include places such as fast-food restaurants and other roadside stops or even car dealers, which could offer recharging as a courtesy. Electricity at these posts would be paid using a credit card. With these chargers, a car could get up to 80 percent battery charge (enough for about 80 miles) in about 30 minutes, is Nissan's upcoming EVs, scheduled for 2012, perform as expected. The general layout of the planned network uses three types of charge points: home chargers in the garage; workplace charging, including parking lots and garages in downtown business areas; and a public infrastructure built around normal transportation areas like shopping malls, movie theaters, restaurants and airports.
[Source: Automotive News (subs. req'd)]

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