Click the image above for more pics of MyCar's CS500

Saudi tuner shops get different requests than the mod-masters in the US. While we may ask for bodyside moldings and a little something under the hood, the Saudis are just as likely to electroplate a precious metal onto their luxury rides. Since luxury vehicles seem to grow on trees in the world's oil capitol, tuner MyCar is challenged with differentiating these high-end vehicles to make them stand out in a crowd.

This time, MyCar went as far as creating an all new Mercedes, the CS500. It's basically a gold S550 with the front end of a CL550, but MyCar thought it unique enough to give it its own name; the CS500. As you can see from the photo above, the CS500 looks good enough to trick the untrained eye into believing it's an all-new vehicle. Actually, the CL550 front end actually makes the S550 look a bit more stylish, if you ask us. Maybe someone in Stuttgart should take note. Thanks for the tip, Hisham!

[Source: Gulf4Cars]

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