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Alex should be writing this post, as he's the sharp end of the stick with which we've been poking NBC for the past 11 episodes of the new Knight Rider. His Knight Rider Liveblogs are ruthless and hilarious at the same time, and next weeks will be a high watermark for his creative series of posts. That's because episode 12 of what will surely be the first and last season of Knight Rider in the modern era will feature the showdown between our beloved KITT and his nemesis KARR. In the original series, KARR (Knight Automated Roving Robot) was the prototype version of KITT and a little rougher around the edges compared to KITT himself, i.e. he had a programming error that made him "unstable" and liable to kill an innocent pedestrian with a Turbo Boost to the chest. The modern KARR, however, is a full on Transformer that's bipedal and has a mean right hook. Take a gander at the official preview after the jump that appeared at the end of episode of 11, and come back next Wednesday night when Alex enters the ring with KITT and KARR and only one comes out alive.

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