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Apparently the looks of the Hyundai Sonata were deemed not bold enough for the Chinese market, so Beijing Hyundai has made some adaptations for the local market. What is being called the Hyundai Ling Xiang or Sonata NFC is based on the same car that we get over here. However, the Chinese have given the car a nose job and new tail-lights to make it stand out more. Unfortunately, as Michael Jackson has proven conclusively, rhinoplasty does not necessarily make you stand out in a good way. While no one would describe the current gen Sonata as exciting, this grille surround just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the car. At the back, a new trunklid provides slightly different tail-lights. A new rear seat is claimed to be more comfortable, as well. Next year the Chinese operation will reportedly develop a larger D-segment sedan based on the new Sonata that will debut at this fall's LA Auto Show. Hat tip to reader Joe.

[Source: PaulTan] [Autoblog China shots]

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