KleenSpeed Technologies, one of the companies behind the WX10-T all-electric race car has opened up their website to the public to reveal some of what went on behind the scenes as they prepared their prototype, code-named Angelina, for its unveiling. Included on the site are pictures of everything from the electric drivetrain being integrated into the chassis to shots of their new digs, appropriately located at the Ames Research Center in California. One thing we couldn't help but notice behind the drivers seat was the AC Propulsion-emblazoned controller box which is also found in the MINI E.

The company has also released some videos of "Angelina" moving under her own power. They include a short clip of the car taking advantage of a runaway near Kleenspeed headquarters, as well as some onboard camera footage shot at Reno-Fernley raceway in Nevada. That footage reveals how scary fast the WX10-T can be. Even without its bodywork and with lots of extra potential left in both car and driver, they came within five seconds of the track record set by the gas-powered version of this car. According to company officials, with the temperature "in the 100's", Angelina's computer registered a top speed of 136 mph during these trials. Perhaps we'll get a better idea of the car's true capabilities when it explores Sebring near the end of January. Hit the jump for video extravaganza.

[Source: KleenSpeed Technologies]

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