Imagine this. You are on your Zero X electric motorcycle enjoying a brisk ride along your favorite wooded trail. You reach a clearing and in the morning mist you are surprised to find a family of space aliens enjoying a quiet picnic in front of their parked UFO. Not wanting to learn the hard way whether these are the harmless variety or the type to have lots of "probing" questions, you whip your bike around and hit the throttle. Hard. Your front wheel leaves the ground as you silently exit the scene, stage left, and head for the closest population center. As the scenery whizzes by and you become confident that your getaway was cleanly made, a smile crosses your face because you realize that your helmet cam was on the whole time and you now have footage worthy of snagging a free lithium battery from Zero Motorcycles.

How is any of that even possible? Well, Zero Motorcycles is giving a free helmet video cam to the next 100 people who place an order for a 2009 Zero X and type in promotion code hvcamera. This could come in handy because they will soon be announcing a contest for videos that help them "tell their story." The best entries will also have a chance to win an extra battery (worth $2,950!). Of course, you might not need to encounter any space aliens to win but if you do, make sure your camera is switched on.

[Source: Zero Motorcycles]

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