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You've no doubt seen a number of Tesla Roadster reviews already, including a couple of our own. But we've yet to see the little electric car from Silicon Valley get put through its paces, and we mean really thrashed. Enter, which was given use of Elon Musk's own personal Tesla Roadster with the new v1.5 drivetrain for a couple a days. Host Emile Bouret takes the Tesla to task over a three-part video series that sees the car getting sideways more than once. We can see exactly how much body roll the Roadster exhibits under full load cornering, which isn't much. Bouret does a great job of revealing how the Tesla handles at the limit, and the excellent production quality of each video is only icing on the cake. Check out all three videos after the jump to see the best review yet of the 2009 Tesla Roadster.

Gallery: Tesla Roadster v1.5


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