Going to university has always provided great benefits to people and now the same can be said of a new scooter from Wispa. The company teamed up with staff from the University of Salford's School of Art and Design who showed them how to make their two-wheeler lighter, faster and more powerful. They even advised on the styling, though we have to disagree about it incorporating "a classic scooter design from the sixties." We forget all about how un-Vespa it looks once we glimpse the price tag, however. At £999 ($1,519) with the value-added-tax (VAT) included, it could look like a Hummer H2 scooter for all we care. The top speed isn't given but we imagine it will do at least 30 mph which is comparable to electric scooters available at twice the price in America. While it can't compete with the Vectrix on the highway, its 40-mile range makes a compelling case for that small bit of cash. We can only hope it manages to make the trip across the Atlantic to provide those of us here that are shallow of wallet with a gas-free transportation alternative.

[Source: University of Salford]

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