Click above for high-res gallery of the Toyota RAV4 Performance Sport

Santa Ana-based MV Designz took Toyota's overtly practical RAV4 and kicked the majority of the 'ute's functionality out the hatch. With a custom wide body kit, front and rear fascias, LED headlamps, hood and panoramic glass roof, the RAV4 Performance Sport comes off as a prop reject from the stillborn Judge Dredd sequel, and the 22x9.5 (front) and 22x10 (rear) USW wheels and lowered suspension won't do it any dynamic favors. No word on engine mods outside of a new exhaust, but with the added aerodynamic drag and an interior stocked with Alpine goodies, we'd guess that the base V6 will have a hard time living up to Toyota's line about the RAV4 Performance Sport being "ready to set new speed records."

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