The first issue hit newsstands in June 1985, and after 23 years in the game, Turbo & High-Tech Performance Magazine is rumored to be at the end of its rope. In its late 90's heyday, Turbo Magazine boasted over 150 content-filled pages in each issue during the the import drag racing boom. And the small displacement engines of Japanese sports and compact cars provided the perfect platform to show off turbocharging technology. The complexities of a turbocharged vehicle used to intimidate many consumers and engine builders, but the vision of Turbo Magazine founder Kipp Kington brought the technology within reach of the average enthusiast.

But in recent years, the pages of the magazine have dwindled significantly. Even with an increased demand for smaller displacement, forced induction engines, Turbo has been left behind for shark bait. Its widespread distribution has been reduced to a trickle and finding an issue of Turbo on the rack became as rare as spotting Sasquatch. If the rumor holds true, we will be sorry to see it go, but its place in automotive history will not be forgotten.

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