Click above to watch a video of the mini V12 engine in action

Today we've seen something quite small and extremely awesome: a small-scale V12 engine designed for model radio controlled vehicles. This is an entirely functional model and features twin camshafts and overhead valves. It's air-cooled to simplify things by ridding itself of the need for complex water jackets, radiators and the associated plumbing, though the crankshaft is made from multiple pieces. The lilliputian engine displaces just 87-cubic centimeters, but produces between 6 and 8 horsepower running on a mixture of methanol and nitro methane. The best thing of all is the builders say they will be making kits available soon so enterprising craftsmen can power their RC cars, planes and boats with a real V12. To truly get an idea of just how awe inspiring this little machine is, click past the break for a video of the mini V12 in action.

[Source: Wawu via Carscoop]


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