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Spanish forest rangers won't get lost on their GPS-equipped donkeys

This is fun.
The council of the town of Pozuelo de Alarcón, near Madrid, Spain, has decided to invest in the greenest technology available for the municipality's forest rangers: animal traction. The reason for the move to four-leg drive is that no single vehicle is carbon neutral, and the idea of carbon offsetting didn't appeal either. Since the area that the rangers need to cover is not that huge, it was decided that animals could do the job. Donkeys were chosen because they're strong, hard-working animals which belong to a somewhat endangered species. The rides will include modern gadgetry such as GPS to track any possible problems and draw a 3D model of the town's forest. Mmm, can you see yourself commuting on a donkey? My grandfather did. I'm not sure he had GPS, though.

[Source: Ayuntamiento de Pozuelo via Portalforestal]

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